A Guide to Different Kinds of Wedding Cakes

In some parts of England, wedding cakes are traditionally served at the wedding breakfast. The term “wedding breakfast” actually refers to the food served during the reception after the ceremony. It does not, however, indicate that the wedding is held in the early morning. In such instances, the wedding cake will be served at the dinner. There are many options for serving wedding cakes. Read on for some popular choices. This article is a guide to different kinds of wedding cakes.

Frosting in general is classic choice

In ancient times, a wedding cake was made of pound cake and a layer of white frosting. In contrast, modern wedding cakes are decorated with a variety of different designs, including flowers, lace, and other embellishments. While this practice is not common today, it is still a traditional wedding tradition. A simple pound cake and white icing were once common and are the most popular options for a bride’s cake. Until recently, a simple pound-cake covered in icing were the norm.

These days, however, tall and slim wedding cakes have become increasingly popular, and the cost of such a cake has become very affordable. While tall wedding cakes are often expensive, most bakers will accommodate your request for a more modern cake. Fortunately, the trend has spread far beyond the United States. Thankfully, modern bakers have come up with unique solutions that are both delicious and elegant. For those who want an unusually tall wedding cake, consider the options listed above.